How does one summarize the first Family DIRT riding event? Incredible? Amazing? Epic? Off the charts? For the past three years, mothers and daughters have been asking for a family version of our guys DIRT event. After months of planning, working alongside numerous departments at Hume, and partnering with riding clubs like RUTS, God brought […]

Family DIRT


Day 0: We Made It!

October 2, 2015


Hume International Goes to South Africa

August 10, 2015

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Hume Lake has always held a special place in my heart. As a junior higher I can vividly remember coming back to California for the summer from Quito, Ecuador where my parents were missionaries. I had the privilege of being one of those kids that got to call Hume home for the summer as my […]

The Boy Who Stood Tall

July 1, 2015

The Boy Featured

Life Change is Happening at Hume Lake Leadership has many definitions. Some writers, such as John Maxwell, have defined leadership simply as influence. To the degree influence defines leadership, it is clear that  a new leader stood tall at Hume Lake Christian Camps this March. Ponderosa Chapel was full of guys excited to come to […]

Aye Aye Cap’n!

July 1, 2015

Ponderosa Stage

Trusting the Captain in All Things In the early weeks of September our program team went into a cabin at Hume and got on our knees asking God for direction for the summer 2015 theme. We all came out feeling very passionate about looking at the life of Peter. When studying the life of Peter, […]

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    Day 8/9: Our Last Day

    Wow, how has the week gone by this fast? Yesterday was our last full day together and this morning we disembarked and headed our separate ways. It has truly been an incredible week. Hume New England, Portland, Bar Harbor, Saint John and Halifax, along with (a few) colorful trees, beautiful lighthouses and Dathan’s favorite . . . […]

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    Day 7: Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Halifax, Nova Scotia (or, New Scotland) was the setting for today’s adventure. There was a great little walk along the harbor with ships, restaurants, shops and activities. It was a (relatively) warm afternoon and the perfect weather to explore. Some of our group, myself included, visited the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. It was a […]

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    Will You Trust the Cap’n?

    Summer 2015 This summer’s theme entitled, Aye Aye, Cap’n, was amazing! The Sunday night Openers were spectacular. Hume staff and a couple hundred volunteers sewed costumes, built pirate ships, wrote scripts, designed sets, created musical scores and engineered dancing water features. It looked more like a Disney production than a summer camp opener. In fact, […]

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    Below are two simple stories. However, when you read closely and envision experiencing the life change firsthand, they become more awe-inspiring… An Excerpt From a Counselor’s Email We have about five guys in our youth group who have been disruptive and for lack of a better term troublemakers since their freshman year. They have come […]

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    Meadow Ranch

    The best part of every week in Meadow Ranch is 10 quiet seconds on a Monday night. For 10 still seconds, five hundred junior highers sit motionless with their heads bowed and eyes closed. It is by far the best 10 seconds of every week. Better than the Opener, better than the ropes course and […]

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    Wagon Train

    I’d have to say at Wagon Train, by far, the most challenging part for my staff and me is to take the deep, profound truths of God’s Word and boil them down to the basics, stripping away any unnecessary complexities or clutter, and presenting them in the most clear and simple way possible. Really, our […]

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    This summer, on the far side of Hume’s property, Wildwood has had the privilege of taking students through an in-depth study of theology in a theme we’ve called Vast. In his letter to the church in Rome, Paul has an epiphany after drilling his readers on the basics of the Christian faith. In Romans 11:33 […]

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    San Diego

    This summer, we had a student at Hume San Diego who had been removed from her foster home just days before coming to camp. As we challenged students throughout the week to surrender control of their lives to Jesus, their Captain, and to trust Him at His word, living obediently and faithfully with each day, […]

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    New England

    Nestled in the stillness of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Hume New England has experienced nothing short of a lively summer filled with incredible growth, abundance, life-transformation and sheer fun. It’s been an honor to be involved in what God is doing on this side of the country and awesome to see that He is the […]

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    Hume Hawaii

    When thinking of Hawaii and of Kauai in particular it is tough not to focus on the natural beauty and the pristine views. However, the visions of perfection dramatically differ from the real life experiences of the the youth of Kauai. When we speak to youth leaders and parents we hear words like loneliness, poverty, […]

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