I am not a fan of graffiti. I think it is wrong to deface property. It makes a space look messy and is generally not a good idea. With that said, Hume Lake Christian Camps is a primarily a youth-focused organization and it is not uncommon that we find a bit of graffiti or, for […]

The Bathroom Wall

Fit for the Call

August 17, 2017

Join Hume in Hawaii or Papua New Guinea

August 17, 2017

HUME HAWAII March 18 – 26, 2018 We are searching for adventurous individuals who would be interested in joining Hume to run camp ​in Hawaii.  Since 2009 Hume has been running camp in Hawaii and we have seen God work in powerful ways. This spring we will be running camp for over 200 kids on […]

The Main Thing

June 26, 2017

The Mission of Hume In 1988 I was a summer staffer at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Along with about twenty other college students, I was part of the “Summer Alternate Staff” team. Like today’s “Summer Counseling Staff” members, we filled in for churches who needed an extra counselor for the week. Each Sunday, after lunch, […]

Summer Theme 2017: Forsaken

June 26, 2017

I Samuel 12:24 As camp directors, we sat around a table last September discussing conversations we heard all summer from youth pastors on what issues their students were encountering. We began to see a pattern emerge from those conversations. Topics such as identity, obedience and perseverance in their faith were overwhelmingly consistent responses from youth […]

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  • What Does the Future Hold?

    Inheritance Is More Than a Lotto Ticket As I watch families around me following the death of their parents, I am becoming more and more concerned about my own kids and what will happen to them after we’re gone. The problem is unique to just the last generation since World War II. Today, average families […]

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  • Behind the Scenes: Serving as One

    It Takes a Village Growing up as a camper, spending several winters and summers at Hume, I have been deeply impacted by what God does through the staff, yet I was naïve as to all that really goes on behind the scenes. However, this last year I had the opportunity to work at Hume and […]

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  • Winds of Change

    A New Season for Hume News One of the benefits of living at Hume Lake is the chance to experience four seasons. It is a true joy to watch—and even feel—the change in color and sky. Our Hume News, historically, has gone through its seasons as well, and it’s been a delight to experience each one. […]

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  • Hume Hawaii 2017

    Four weeks seems like a long time, but one month of doing ministry on four islands, with an awesome crew goes by a lot faster than you would think. This summer at Hume Hawaii, we were introduced to the Marshallese community on the Big Island. Displaced and marginalized, the Marshallese community is one of the […]

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  • Hume New England 2017

    Here in the Berkshires, summer’s end brought bounty at the farmers’ markets, misty mornings, and hints of color on the hills. At Hume New England, it also meant saying goodbye to our 30 summer staff and wishing them well as they moved on to their next adventures. They arrived in June from all across the […]

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  • Hume San Diego 2017

    This past summer at Hume San Diego one of our volunteers decided to send her daughter to camp. However, her daughter didn’t want to go. She only packed enough clothing to last her until Tuesday, so one of our lead counselors lent her clothes. This selfless act demonstrated to this girl love without condition, exemplifying […]

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  • Wildwood 2017

    This summer was one for the record books as it was my first summer as Wildwood Director, and it was nothing short of incredible. Over the course of those three months, I got to watch the Holy Spirit move in awesome ways in the lives of students who attended Wildwood. One story, in particular, was […]

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  • Ponderosa 2017

    One of our staff members told me a story about how she was sitting on the stage with our speaker, Brad Bell, after chapel when a girl camper came up and began talking to them. She asked Brad, “So, does God choose us or do we choose Him?” Brad replied with a smile, “YES.” It […]

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  • Meadow Ranch 2017

    After every summer season comes to a close here at Hume, I am left in awe of what God chooses to do through this place. Season after season and year after year God continues to change lives and I am privileged to see how He works in the lives of junior high students. This summer […]

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  • Wagon Train 2017

    This summer, Wagon Train was an absolute blast. It was filled with countless goofy skits, campfire stories, and David & Goliath games; but more importantly, the summer was also filled with the evidence of God’s power to impact the lives of young people for His glory. It was an absolute privilege and incredible joy to […]

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