June 2010

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    Alumni: Jenny Larson

    During Jenny’s first year on full-time staff, she worked with Jeff Lilley and Darin McWatters on developing the Joshua Wilderness Institute and also did a lot of work developing the “Hume in a Can” concept of running camps internationally.

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  • Summer 2010: Volume 64 – Issue 3

    2010 Summer Theme: Excusez-Mwa!?… The Life That Only Comes From Jesus Behind the Scenes: “The Beast” Father-Son Adventure Camp Hume International: Greece Alumni: Jenny Larson The Global Impact of Pointman Download Volume 64 Issue 3, Summer 2010 as a PDF

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  • 2010 Summer Theme: Excusez-Mwa!?…

    JUST WHAT IS THE SUMMER THEME!? Summer is here, which means a new theme is being brought to life in each of our summer youth camps! You should see the life and excitement of campers as they rush into chapel on Sunday nights. They can hardly contain their enthusiasm as they see the sets and […]

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  • The Life That Only Comes From Jesus

    Life. Joy. Transformation. Anyone who studies human history cannot ignore Jesus. All of ancient history converges at His cross. All of time circles around Him as either BC or AD. Jesus can be no more expelled from human history than the sun can be expelled from the sky. No one in all of history or […]

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  • Behind the Scenes: “The Beast”

    ON WITH THE SHOW! The Beast: The stage sets The openers: the live stage performances on the first night of camp, that are put on in Ponderosa, Meadow Ranch and Hume San Diego. If you have been around the Hume staff for any length of time, you may have heard one of them refer to […]

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  • Father-Son Adventure Camp

    AUGUST 19 – 22, 2010 It isn’t exactly new, but yet it is. Hume Lake Christian Camps has held Father-Son Retreats for many years, but this year we are excited to host our first ever Father-Son Adventure Camp. Our Program staff says that it will be extremely different. For three nights we will be combining […]

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  • Hume International: Greece

    BRINGING HUME TO AMERICAN MILITARY KIDS Ask people if they want to take a break from their daily lives to spend a couple of weeks in Greece while making a difference for eternity. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone to whom that doesn’t sound appealing. Nineteen young adults formed this year’s Hume International […]

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  • Alumni: Jenny Larson

    A SERVANT FOR THE KING Hume Lake’s Wildwood camp has many unique traditions. One of these is the lead counselor position. At Wildwood, they are never called lead counselors though–they’re called “Pawns.” In the game of chess, the pawn is the least valuable and most insignificant piece. The only time a pawn is of any […]

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  • The Global Impact of Pointman

    Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI) is a part of Hume Ministries, operating around the world. A PERSON. A FAMILY. A NATION. Pointman believes real leadership is about character. PLI’s vision is to transform cultures (organizations, communities, nations) by creating and supporting inspirational, trustworthy leaders. Its mission is to provide ethics training worldwide in character-based, principled leadership […]

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  • Wrapup: Week in Review #3

    Watch the Week in Review for week 3 of Hume Lake Summer Camp.

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