2011 Staff Alumni Reunion

December 29, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2011
Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with many of our alumni when they come back to Hume to visit. The resounding response from most of them is that one of the strangest things about being back up at Hume is not that the buildings or the programs or the camp has changed—it’s that the people have changed. The faces they now see in the security booth, in the dining hall, and in the boathouse are not the ones they feel like “should be” there (and strangely . . . they suddenly seem way too young!) Hume, as they remember it, was really about the people who inhabited it.

The kid that’s driving the maintenance truck around has no idea the places that same truck has been in years past or the trouble it got one of your roommates into a few years ago. The girl working in the kitchen doesn’t know that she’s standing in the same corner of the pantry that used to belong to your best friend. And the guy in the security booth is unaware of the fact that his face was not the one you were imagining on the drive up. Although everyone enjoys their visit, most have told me that they feel a little sad when they come—it makes them realize how much they miss their “Hume friends.” Sometimes it just doesn’t feel quite right being at Hume without them.

Are you ready to spend time with the friends that make Hume Lake what it is to you? This fall, you have the chance to be back at Hume with the people you remember being there. September 2nd-4th will be our 2011 Staff Alumni Reunion. Enjoy the food, fun and fellowship of a Hume Retreat. Enjoy the annual Hume Lake Country Fair with Joel Weldon in concert. Enjoy Hume the way you remember it—with the friends who made working at Hume one of the best times of your life!

Visit the Country Fair or Alumni Reunion page to learn more and register.