Alumni Profile: Todd Pam

October 8, 2011

The mission statement of Hume Lake Christian Camps emphasizes our ministry to youth. Todd Pam is an alumni who not only learned what the mission of reaching youth for Christ means while he served on staff, but has continued to live that mission out in his own life.

After coming to Hume as a Meadow Ranch camper and hearing the gospel for the first time, Todd couldn’t help but return to camp every summer. Once he graduated from high school, Todd returned to Hume to serve, and then spent the next nine summers on staff. Evidenced by his time spent in just about every department, it’s safe to say that Todd Pam has always loved Hume Lake. During his time on staff, Todd also realized another love—ministering to kids. In fact, it was Todd who first started meeting with various staff during decision nights to pray for campers. Todd was part of the group who started asking counselors to fill out cards with specific prayer requests so they could pray more effectively. Of course, it was also Todd who performed ridiculous recreation skits in Meadow Ranch and had tons of fun counseling kids in Wagon Train. While working at Hume Lake, Todd Pam found and developed his passion for influencing kids for Christ.

While helping with a church-plant in downtown Chicago, Todd met his wife, Jill. They soon moved to Pasadena and had three children—Mackenzie, Harper and Everett. But Todd Pam loves kids; and three just wasn’t enough. So earlier this year, he and Jill packed up their family and headed down to Ethiopia to add one more. It was a life-changing experience for all of them as they spent time in Ethiopia getting to know 21 children at an orphanage, seeking to understand the culture and country. A proud dad, Todd is quick to tell stories of how his children showed Christ’s love to all the kids they encountered. And in May, they came home with five-year-old Kibru as the newest member of the Pam family. Todd said, “We had hoped to help out a little boy by adopting him, when in fact, we as the adoptive family have been blessed beyond our wildest expectations by the entire experience. In July, Kibru made his first visit to Hume, and while he still can’t communicate everything he is feeling, nothing made us happier than to see our Ethiopian boy frolicking in the lake at the end of the grassy lawn at Hume.”

And so it seems that Todd Pam has continued to live out the mission statement of Hume in his own life as one more child will get the opportunity to learn more about Christ at Hume Lake.

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