Hume Lake’s Christian School Ministries

December 30, 2011

Summer at Hume is often characterized as crazy. With around two-thousand students per week on the Hume grounds and another five-hundred or so at Hume San Diego, it’s no wonder. But our ministry to students doesn’t end after summer. Starting in mid-August, Christian School Ministries takes over the campus and for ten more weeks we run camp for Christian schools with a variety of programs. Spiritual Emphasis is our ministry to Jr. High and Senior High students, designed to set a spiritual bar for the students in the coming school year. Our Outdoor Education program is a science camp for fifth and sixth grade students that teaches them about the amazing world around us which our God has created.

From week to week, we shared the same theme Hume used this past summer called “All In.” As we looked at the early life of King David and contrasted his decisions with those of King Saul, the students saw that there is good reason David was called a man after God’s own heart. At each turn David made decisions based on what God wanted, even when it was hard. On the other hand, Saul’s decisions were based on a selfish desire for power and glory. It was such a pertinent theme for these students in particular, as they live in Christian environments and are taught all the right answers and the right way to act. Often these students do the right things they’ve been trained to do, but they’re not actually “all in,” giving God their everything.

There are a lot of differences between our Christian School Ministries and our summer camps. In a week of Spiritual Emphasis, rather than putting a lot of focus on recreation, each day the students participate in activities designed to teach them more about who God is and who they are in Christ. They may, for example, be part of a team building exercise, hike to a remote location or be challenged to face their fears on our climbing wall. Each afternoon, we set aside some solo time for them where they are challenged to spend time alone with God in the Word and in prayer.

During a week of Outdoor Education, students attend fun and creative classes in a beautiful environment they just can’t get in a school setting. One day they may learn about birds of prey or rock climbing. On another it might be wilderness survival or meteorology. In the evenings we have some fun recreation where we let kids be kids, followed by our evening meetings led by speakers who know their audience and communicate the gospel clearly for this age group.

It’s been a fun season with some exciting results. There were some first-time decisions for Christ and many students who recognized that they have not been “all in” to this point. We look forward to seeing what God will do through the Christian School Ministries program in the years to come.

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