April 2012

  • 2012 Spring Women’s Retreat

    Hume 2012 – Spring Women’s Retreat Wrap Up from Hume Lake on Vimeo. To watch the videos shown at the Spring Women’s Retreat, go to www.humelake.org/aweful. If you had your picture taken on the lawn by the lake, visit the online gallery to view, download, and order prints.

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  • In Awe of What God Does

    WINTER CAMP 2012 Every Saturday during the winter camp season, there is this anticipation that grows inside of me all day. I find myself walking through camp smiling at the beauty of 1,000 students running from the OK Chalet to the snowboarding hill to barely catching their team’s 2nd round of broom hockey to sipping […]

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  • A Lakeside Summer

    TAKE A HUME VACATION Summer will be here before you know it, so bring your friends and family and join us up at the lake! We have so many fun activities planned this year; you won’t want to miss a thing. Whatever you are looking for, we’ve got it. A relaxing vacation? A romantic getaway? […]

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  • Pointman Leadership Institute: Ethics Training that Works

    TRANSFORMING LEADERS AROUND THE WORLD The vision of Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI) is to transform cultures by creating and supporting inspirational, trustworthy leaders. To do so, PLI provides trainings in character-based principled leadership as a means of evangelism. In the last 17 years the ministry has taught In over 60 countrIes to nearly 75,000 law […]

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  • The Story of Joanne

    IS YOUR WILL OR TRUST OUT OF DATE? Joanne has been a faithful partner of her favorite ministry for forty years. Joanne, a retired small business owner, wanted to inform the ministry when she was asked if she had left a gift for the ministry in her will and trust. Joanne shared she was leav- […]

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  • Joshua Students Serve in the Dominican Republic

    SERVING AND LOVING OTHERS WITH THEIR GIFTS The Joshua Wilderness Institute (JWI) is a sort of pilgrimage, an induction into adulthood through the lens of Christian faith. It is an ending, a beginning, and a journey. The program takes young students away from their comforts, their homes, and their parents, and transforms them into God-fearing […]

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  • Hume New England Update

    During staff chapel at Hume Lake on November 30, 2011, time “paused” as a com- missioning took place for Andy and Kim Mather and Dustin and Angelica Collins as they transitioned to Hume New England (HNE). As in Acts 13:2,“. . . Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I […]

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  • From the Spirit Girl to Women’s Ministries

    A NEW FACE AT WOMEN’S RETREATS For the past 15 years, women’s retreats at Hume have experienced a long, rich history under the leadership of Becki Saltee. Last Fall Becki moved on to help her husband run the Ventura Rescue Mission. We sincerely thank Becki for all her years of faithful service and the countless […]

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  • From the President’s Pen

    MASTER PLAN: PHASE ONE UPDATE When I look back on the year of 2012, the Vision Dinner tour will be one of the highlights of my year. It allowed me the opportunity to meet so many Hume sup- porters up and down California and hear stories of how Hume has impacted their lives over the […]

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  • 2012 Firefighter’s Retreat

      Tim Coulombe: 1 – Friday Evening Tim Coulombe: 2 – Saturday Morning Tim Coulombe: 3 – Saturday Evening Tim Coulombe: 4 – Sunday Morning

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