From the President’s Pen

April 13, 2012


When I look back on the year of 2012, the Vision Dinner tour will be one of the highlights of my year. It allowed me the opportunity to meet so many Hume sup- porters up and down California and hear stories of how Hume has impacted their lives over the years.

I had the privilege of sitting with Hume ministry partners that started attend- ing camp at Hume Lake back in the 1940’s. Some were original cabin owners and each had a story to tell of their early Hume memories. Even more thrilling was to hear how their children and grandchildren were now enjoying Hume. The legacy continues on from generation to generation. It reminds me of the words God spoke to Abraham back in Genesis 17:7 “I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.”

As you may know, we recently launched a $4 million dollar campaign entitled Master Plan: Phase One. This campaign has several facets to it. Two million dol- lars will go toward a complete renovation of Wagon Train, our camp for junior aged children. One million dollars will go toward the purchase of Hume New England, a camp located in the beautiful Berkshire foothills of Western Massachusetts. The remaining million dollars will go to complete several projects at Hume that we need to get off our books.

So far, we have received gifts and pledges totaling $1.6 million and for that we are truly grateful to our ministry partners. Let me take a few minutes and give you an update on the first two projects.

Project One: Wagon Train Renovation

WAGONS: We have begun stripping down the wagons to their bare undercar- riage and started rebuilding the floors, interior bunks, and stairs. They are long overdue for some tender loving care and with these structural improvements, they will be ready to receive the next 50,000+ campers in the decades to come.

OUTPOST: We have received the plans from our architects and the county per- mits are being pulled. Any day now we will begin pouring the cement floor and footings for the extended walls. Soon, the stage will be installed together with the lights, sound system, and heating/air conditioning. Once complete, this improved building will allow the young campers to have a more conducive environment in which to hear their Bible stories. This will also allow us to have an additional facility for our Fall and Spring Outdoor Education and Spiritual Emphasis camps.

KITCHEN FAçADE & DINING PAVILION: We are still in need of funding before we can begin these projects. In order to be faithful stewards of the resources God has provided for us, we have a policy that requires 50% of the funding to be secured before building is started. These projects are valued at approximately $800,000. The five tractor-trailers that are the Wagon Train kitchen have served well; however, it is time for them to be replaced with a new kitchen arrangement. The façade and dining pavilion will be a huge improvement to the Wagon Train experience.

STOCKADE WALL & EXTENDED POND: These projects are being de- veloped and when you come and visit Long Meadow this summer you will notice the changes.

Together these projects will create a vastly improved Wagon Train experience. On behalf of the campers that will enjoy these renewed resources, a huge thank you!

Project Two: Hume New England

I just returned from visiting our new camp in Western Massachusetts and hosting three Vision Dinner events. They were well received and I can tell you that there is an amazing degree of excitement in New England about Hume Ministries coming to the region. Pastors have welcomed us with open arms and are looking forward to our ministry partnership with them.

One million dollars of the Master Plan: Phase One is dedicated to securing this property that has been appraised at over $5.5 million dollars. This 450-acre parcel of pristine forest has a 33-acre pond, which can eventually be used for water ski- ing, tubing, jet skiing, canoeing, and wind surfing. We have scheduled six weeks of camp there this summer and are looking forward to seeing God touch the hearts of campers in the New England area much like He continues to do for those com- ing from California churches. To date, we have just $400,000 remaining toward reaching this goal.

Please pray for the 20,000+ campers that will come to Hume this summer, both in California and in New England, that they may hear the voice of God call them into relationship with Him. It is our prayer that this summer will begin the journey of a lifetime for these campers.