From the Spirit Girl to Women’s Ministries

April 13, 2012


For the past 15 years, women’s retreats at Hume have experienced a long, rich history under the leadership of Becki Saltee. Last Fall Becki moved on to help her husband run the Ventura Rescue Mission. We sincerely thank Becki for all her years of faithful service and the countless lives she touched.

The name Megan Fate, now Megan Fate Marshman, has become a household name around Hume. As the Ponderosa “Spirit Girl,” Megan’s high energy and scream- ing blond hair has become in- stantly recognizable to tens of thousands of high schoolers that attend Ponderosa every summer. We are excited that Megan is returning as the Ponderosa “Spirit Girl” again this year. We are equally excited that she will be teaming up with Jen Schuler to lead the next generation of Hume’s Women’s Ministries program.

Like many people, Megan first came to Hume as a camper. She was a camper for six years and a counselor for four. As a camper she rededicated her life on July 27th, 2000 in Ponderosa Chapel. During her last year counseling, she was approached by Rich Baker about the possibility of working at Hume one day. It seemed like a dream come true, but she knew it was unlikely anytime soon as she was leaving in a few weeks to play professional basketball internationally. After arriving home from Hume, she felt compelled to pray more about God’s direction for her life. That night she realized “My life has been all about me.” She decided right there to abandon her plans and wait for God’s direction. The very next morn- ing Rich called to see if she would be able to fill in as a Lead Counselor for the end of the summer. She was up at Hume 48 hours later. Megan says “The beautiful thing is, the minute I sacrificed my pride, God took me to a place to show oth- ers how to sacrifice theirs.” After that summer she was hooked, and this summer marks Megan’s sixth and final year as “Spirit Girl” for Ponderosa. Now she takes on another new role in Women’s Ministries starting with the Spring Women’s Retreat April 20th through 22nd.

Megan’s life theme is “Know God and Make Him Known.” Due to the profound impact that older women have had on her own life, three years ago Megan began doing ministry with an older-than-high-school crowd of women. Her desire is to see women empowered to make a difference and influence others. Her goal is for women of all ages to walk away from a women’s retreat reminded of their calling to be sent out—to their families, to their neighborhoods, to their kid’s friends, to their jobs, and to anything in their life that has the potential for ministry. We are excited to see how God will continue to use our Women’s Retreats to transform lives through the leadership of our new Women’s Ministry Team.

Over the years I’ve often heard people say “There’s just something about Hume that gets in your blood.” Megan’s story of deepening involvement with Hume is very similar to many of your stories. It starts with coming as a camper or guest and Christ changing your life. Once you see the transformation in your own life, you are compelled to become more deeply involved in a place that God uses daily to transform more and more lives. Think about your “Hume Story.” Where did you meet God? How has God transformed your life and what plans does He have for you in the future? – I Corinthians 15:58

Spring Women’s Retreat

April 20-22, 2012 Speaker: Amy Smalley

Fall Women’s Retreats

Sept. 28-30 & Oct. 5-7, 2012 Speaker: Debbie Alsdorf

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