In Awe of What God Does

April 13, 2012


Every Saturday during the winter camp season, there is this anticipation that grows inside of me all day. I find myself walking through camp smiling at the beauty of 1,000 students running from the OK Chalet to the snowboarding hill to barely catching their team’s 2nd round of broom hockey to sipping some ridicu- lously sugary blended drink at Hume ‘N Beans, but the whole time I can’t stop thinking that tonight God is going to change hearts for all of eternity.

I am convinced there is no sweeter sight in all of the world than watching someone respond to God’s mercy and love for them. Each week I sit in the back of Ponderosa Chapel and listen as our speakers lay out the gospel message and each week I find myself in awe of what Jesus did for me. Then all of a sudden this emotion intensifies as I watch students stand in response to this message in a physical depiction of saying, “Here I am God, all of me, I’m ready to live for You.” This is a moment I will never grow tired of seeing. Just the day before they arrived at camp and now 24 hours later, God has revealed Himself to them and they have made a commitment to follow Him with their whole heart. A moment that will forever change their lives.

Throughout the rest of the weekend, I typically hear of stories or talk to stu- dents who made some type of decision or commitment to God and even as I read through the countless decision cards we receive each weekend, it is obvious that God moved in a powerful way. But I think what I have been the most in awe of this winter camp season, is the fact that each week on Saturday night the chapel is full of students staying back and choosing not to go off and play because they are talking to their counselors and are making life-long commitments to follow God and to serve Him for the rest of their lives. We may never know their individual stories or how they got to Hume and we may never know where they will go, whose lives they will touch and what God will allow them to be a part of, all I do know is that we get to witness the moment in which God compelled them to stand.

God is changing lives, I see it every week. And each person that loves Hume and prays for the ministry here or gives of their time and resources to make this place what it is, has played a part in allowing the story of God’s great love for us to reach and impact the lives of the people in that chapel. As winter camp comes to a close this year, may our theme verse of Romans 12:1 continue to be lived out not only in the lives of our campers, but our greater Hume community . . .“Therefore I urge you brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.”

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