The Story of Joanne

April 13, 2012


Joanne has been a faithful partner of her favorite ministry for forty years. Joanne, a retired small business owner, wanted to inform the ministry when she was asked if she had left a gift for the ministry in her will and trust. Joanne shared she was leav- ing her house to the ministry and other assets to the family. On a follow-up visit to thank Joanne, she shared her desire to help children. Joanne pulled out her will and trust to confirm her intent.

To her dismay, she discovered her will and trust did not include the gift of her home, and she no longer owned anything mentioned! Joanne had the desire to help, but her documents were significantly outdated. Also, there was nothing in her documents that shared Joanne’s commitment to Christ, her dedication to her favorite ministry, or any reflection of what was important in her life. Joanne was very distraught as she considered what could have happened had she not taken the time for a review.

Fortunately, Joanne’s lawyer updated the documents. Unfortunately, less than 50% of those in America have a will or trust and an equally large percentage of people have invalid or outdated documents.

Hume Ministries has hired me, David Harrison, a former tax, trust and estate attorney, to offer a free service to assist you in these matters. There is absolutely no obligation…this is a ministry we are offering to you, our Hume partners and family.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you. Everything discussed can be held confidential and your desires and intents will be honored.


David Harrison, Director of Planned Giving

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