Preparing for the Future with Your Family

June 29, 2012

By David Harrison, Director of Planned Giving

Recently Linda and her husband described their gratefulness for the time they spent with her mother a year before she went to be with the Lord.

“I don’t know how we would have dealt with all the issues that came up, had we not been so prepared. It was uncomfortable to think and talk about my Mom’s health and last days, but I am so glad we were ready.”

This summer, I will be leading a weekly breakout seminar titled, “Preparing for the Future with Your Family.” The seminar is designed to prepare us for issues ranging from aging parents to what we can do to protect our children from financial vultures and themselves.

Long-term care needs, wills, trusts and probate will be discussed, and I will be giving tips on evaluating what documents your family really needs. We will also talk about how often to update your will or trust. Preserving family peace and relationships does not naturally happen without adequate planning, prayer and discussion. During this one hour seminar, biblical stewardship issues will be emphasized on how we can glorify God and be faithful stewards by planning properly.


An opportunity to schedule individual private appointments to discuss specific issues and needs will be provided.

David Harrison is a tax, trust and estate attorney on full-time staff with Hume Lake. He is available to discuss financial and estate issues with you without cost or obligation.

David Harrison, Director of Planned Giving
PHONE: 559.305.7611

New This Summer at Hume!
Stewardship Seminars with David Harrison

In Memorial Chapel at 11:00 am
MONDAY: Preparing for the Future with Your Family
TUESDAY: Help!! I’m Caught in the Debt Trap!
THURSDAY: Raising Responsible Children in a Financially Irresponsible World