The Flower Cabins are on the Move Again

June 29, 2012
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A number of years ago, Bob Phillips wrote about the “vagabond cabins.” He was referring to the more‒than‒100‒year‒old cabins that the loggers used as living quarters in the seven scattered logging camps that made up the Hume-Bennett Lumber Company at the turn of the 20th century. These portable cabins were transported from camp to camp by the same train that hauled the trees from the remote camps to the millpond—now Hume Lake.

Flower Cabin

After the logging operation ceased, five of these cabins ended up on the Anderson Resort property that is now Hume Lake Christian Camps.


Bob wrote that they were first located on the hill near the Sound Studio (formerly Lakeview Chapel) and from there to the present site of Huckleberry House. Then they were relocated to where Deerfoot Lodge sits. When they had to move to accommodate the Deerfoot Lodge, they were moved just northwest of Whispering Pines. Except one—it became the old Boat House, now since removed. One had been converted several years ago to Hume N Hair, our local hair salon. The others have been summer staff housing for many years. Names of flowers were attached to them and they became fondly known as the Flower Cabins.


The latest chapter of the vagabond cabins is that they have been moved once again. Their future location and purpose is still being determined. One idea remains of using them as a future home of a Hume Lake Museum. Stay tuned as the journey continue.


-Mike Drake

  • Ann Kelly

    So happy to hear History is ALIVE! Please REALLY consider making one of these old cabins into a museum. Great idea!  Thanks for the update on their where-abouts!