The Impact of Team Sports Camps

June 29, 2012

By Dave Washburn, Kern County FCA Director

The Great Race

The partnership between Hume Ministries and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) continues to grow and with it the impact Team Sports Camps is having on athletes and coaches throughout the Central Valley. May brought the sound of football teams to Hume. Teams from as far away as Monterey made their way to Hume to take part in four consecutive weekend camps designed to take groups of athletes and coaches from schools and mold them into cohesive teams and provide an opportunity to hear the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Athletes and coaches were challenged to tackle their fears on the high ropes course, become a family at the team bonfires, experience the joys and pain of paintball, and take part in a unifying event called the Great Race. The race is the last event of camp where teams travel a one and a half mile obstacle course together as a unit while carrying a canoe throughout the race signifying adversity they will face in life and during a season. The highlight of camp is always the Sunday I Dare You session where the challenge goes out to all to contemplate the truth of Jesus Christ and receive His gift of salvation. Praise God for this year’s results of football camp:

Total Teams: 22
Total Athletes and Coaches: 1,063
Total First-Time Decisions: 99
Total Rededications: 203
Total FCA Bibles Distributed: 834


Keep Hume and FCA in your prayers as we get ready for Cross County and Women’s Soccer Camps.

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