The Phantastical Journey of the Wandering Lites

June 29, 2012


I was recently sitting with a dear friend in one of Hume’s adirondack chairs overlooking the lake. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon…the kind of day that feels like you could just sit and look at God’s incredible masterpiece of a landscape for hours and hours. As we sat there catching up on each other’s lives, I began to share with her the theme for summer 2012. I was telling my friend Wendy how the youth staff started brainstorming, praying and narrowing down a spiritual theme for this summer a little over nine months ago. We sat in the back room of Cedar Chapel discussing over and over again conversations we have had with youth pastors, counselors and campers and we prayed God would make it clear what theme would challenge students right where they are at. We narrowed down ideas, went away and prayed over them and then came back and discussed more, and at the end of the day, we all embraced studying the story of the Israelites, Moses and ultimately God’s sufficiency.

Ponderosa Worship


As Wendy and I were sitting there, I began to speak a little more candidly about my own spiritual journey. I shared how this past winter and spring I have been evaluating my own heart and if I truly believe that God is enough for me. Often I give a good amount of “lip service” to the fact that God is sufficient for me but my actions and heart may display something different. As we sat there overlooking the lake, I began to share a few of the issues I was struggling with and ended it by saying that I have realized I can confidently say I wholeheartedly trust, rely and believe God is sufficient when everything in my life is going relatively how I want it to go. The problem lies when I do not get my way and I struggle to continue to wholeheartedly trust and believe He is God and He is enough. The more I talk to people and hear their stories, the more I see that we are all on this journey to remember who the Creator, Sustainer and Provider of our life is and to trust in Him because He loves us. Despite how we may feel in a given circumstance, the truth is that He is enough.

Meadow Ranch Worship

Meadow Ranch

Hume Lake exists to tell people about Jesus Christ and to see them grow in their faith. This summer we are going to do just that. We will all be challenged to put the simple belief that God is sufficient into action because even when God’s sufficiency is magnificently displayed, we still have the tendency to reject or to forget it. This struggle is illuminated by the story of the Israelites as they literally followed the visible presence of God out of Egypt, yet still rejected, replaced, and simply forgot His provision and guidance. As you pray for this summer and the thousands of students that will be hearing this message, I pray you also are able to reflect on and remember that God sees you, loves you and is with you no matter how you may feel in the midst of whatever you are going through.


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-Rachel Closs