2012 Ponderosa Week 5 Wrap Up

July 14, 2012

We had a great time with all our campers, our speaker Anson McMahon and our band, Lovelite. Thanks for being a part of another amazing week of camp!

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  • Sierra Shea

    I’ve been to Hume Lake four times as of now, and Anson has been by far the best speaker in my opinion. He answered all the questions that I needed answers to, and his explanations and evidence were awfully hard to ignore. And Lovelite has been my favorite band that has played, so after seeing them last year, I was so pumped to see them here again this year. July 8th-14th was an amazing time, an amazing week to be at Hume, and my favorite week at Hume by far!

    • Nickvschmidt

      I felt the same iv only gone once but what he said changed my life

  • Jesusworthdyingfor

    Curious as to if the gauntlet challenge will get online coverage?