Meet the Program Team

January 3, 2013

Senior Director of Program – Lenny Harris

Lenny has been the Senior Director of Program at Hume Lake since 2009. Prior to that, he worked as the Development Manager from 2002-2005 and the Guest Services Manager from 1996-1999. He loves to empower his staff to do what they do best and create opportunities for students to meet Christ. Lenny is a native of the Fresno/Clovis area, and lived for a couple years on the central coast. He studied at West Coast Bible College and is an ordained minister. Lenny has been married to his wife Becky for 36 years and they have their daughter Angela, son-in-law Bill and two grandsons, Tristin and Chase. They also have a son, Matt, daughter-in-law, Jen and two granddaughters, Riley and Reagan.
Interesting Fact: Lenny is a huge NASCAR fan. He’s attended races all over the country. 


Assistant Program Director – Jay Johnson

Jay first came to Hume as seasonal staff in the winters and summers from 1996-1998 and then worked full time from 1998-2000 as the Weekend Worker Coordinator/Meadow Ranch Assistant Camp Director. Then from 2001-2005 Jay was the Winter Camp and Meadow Ranch Camp Director. In 2006 he became the Hume San Diego and Off-Site Camp Director and then in 2012 he transitioned into his current role, where his favorite part is seeing God change students’ lives. He loves working with incredibly humble, talented and creative people that seek God with every ounce of who they are. Jay is originally from Bakersfield, California and attended Fresno Pacific University were he received a degree in youth ministries and a minor in business. He is married to Jen and they have a daughter, Tanner (age 4) and son, Jett (age 2).


Ponderosa Camp Director – Rich Baker

Originally from Stockton, California, Rich came to Hume in the summer of 2003. He worked for two summers in Wagon Train before transitioning to his current role in Ponderosa, which he has held the last nine years. With a BA in intercultural communication and a masters in biblical studies, Rich’s favorite part of his job is Hume’s commitment to the gospel and the partnership with the local church. He also loves being creative and thinking outside the box. He and his wife, Allyson have been married for six years and have two children, August (age 2) and Eisley (11 months). Rich covets your prayers as Hume seeks to tell more students about Jesus.
Interesting Fact: Rich will only eat from one end of a hot dog, and always leaves the last bite.


Winter & Ponderosa Camp Director – Rachel Closs

Rachel joined the Hume team in August of 2010, having spent the summer of 2009 as one of our Ponderosa Lead Counselors. She is originally from Mechanicsville, Virginia, and graduated from Salem College in North Carolina with degrees in psychology and graphic design. Before coming to Hume, Rachel worked at a church in San Diego as a graphic designer, and then as their youth ministries director. Regarding her job, Rachel would tell you, “I love the process of envisioning something, then seeing how so many people come together to make a vision a reality, and THEN seeing thousands of students each week be in awe of it. I love thinking through the details of camp and how to make an experience better for our guests and staff.”


Meadow Ranch Camp Director – Derek Geer

Originally from Lake Arrowhead, California, Derek has been the Meadow Ranch Camp Director since 2004. He first worked as a cook at Hume from 1999-2000, graduated from the Joshua Wilderness Institute in 2001, and worked as the Meadow Ranch “Rec Guy” from 2001–2004. Derek also graduated with a degree in Christian education from Biola University. An incredible artist, Derek loves designing and creating the elaborate sets in Hume’s chapels, and seeing them come to fruition through volunteers. His favorite part about his job is the ability to be creative and to see people come to know Jesus. Derek has been married to his wife Amy for nine years and they have two boys, Hudson (age 5) and Sawyer (age 2).
Interesting Fact: Derek illustrated the book, Heros and Monsters by Josh Riebock.


Director of Children’s & Christian School Ministries – Kip Strawbridge

Kip was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi, and studied architecture at Mississippi State University, and later, engineering. He first came to Hume in April of 1998 to work in Wildwood. He’s never left since that time, and has spent the last 14 1⁄2 years in a variety of roles and areas around camp: Outdoor Education instructor, High Adventure, Outdoor Education Director, Winter Camp recreation, Ark Coordinator, costume design, the Hume Roadshow, and he is currently the director of Wagon Train, Day Camp and Huckleberry (all of the children’s programs). He loves using his gifts and creativity to share the gospel. Kip is married to Michal and they have three children: Kai (age 7), Kale (age 5) and Grey (8 months).
Interesting Fact: Kip is a certified spa repairman.


Wildwood and Winter Camp Director – Daniel Paz

Daniel is from Montrose, California, and is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a degree in youth ministries. He joined Hume staff in January 2012 as the Waterfront Coordinator, and in September 2012 he became the Wildwood Camp Director. Before working for Hume, Daniel worked as a Youth Pastor, EMT, high school football coach, and the Head Boat Driver and Lifeguard at Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp. He loves sports, especially snowboarding and football. Daniel enjoys his colleagues and is excited for the opportunity to be a camp director.
Interesting Fact: Daniel received straight A’s in 4th grade.


Program and Church Relations Supervisor, Hume New England – Andy Conli

Andy has worked in many different roles during our summer and winter seasons since 2007. He’s been: summer counseling staff, Ponderosa Lead Counselor, Head Lead Counselor for Hume San Diego, Head Lead Counselor for Hume New England, Outdoor Education instructor, and a Winter Camp Lead Counselor. He comes from Fair Oaks, California and attended San Diego State for his business administration degree, as well as Fresno State for his masters in sport administration. Andy will be getting married this spring and will move to Massachusetts. He is blessed to have the opportunity to be on the ground floor of Hume’s new camp, and he covets your prayers for Hume New England as it’s growing and reaching the youth in the New England area.


Director of Christian School Ministries & Hume San Diego

Jeff first worked summers at Hume in Meadow Ranch from 1999–2001. In 2002 he was part of the off-site camp, Rancho Del Ray, and worked for Hume San Diego in 2006. In winter and summer 2012, he was the camp co-director for Winter Camp and Hume San Diego, and in fall 2012 he came on board in his current position. Jeff is from Clovis, California, and attended Fresno Pacific University where he received degrees in mathematics and youth ministry. He spent the last nine years as a math teacher and now, he and his wife, Jenny and their twin boys (2 years old), live at Hume. Jeff loves getting to work with amazing people to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ. He asks for your prayers for the ministry of Hume.


Director of Adult & Family Ministries

Chuck is from Hemet, California and has worked for Hume since 1992, except for the one year he left to be a youth pastor. He has worked as summer counseling staff, Wagon Train staff, Wagon Master, Outdoor Education, snow blower, Winter Camp recreation, Wildwood Camp Director, Support Services Assistant Supervisor, Human Resources Assistant Supervisor and now in his current role. Chuck loves seeing God transform lives. The only thing better than that, he says, is when those people come back months or years later and share their stories. Chuck is married to Sarah and they have three boys, Charlie (age 10), Colson (age 8) and Caleb (age 6). He thanks you for all your support and prayers for Hume. It’s a team effort.
Interesting Fact: Chuck grew up on a farm and he’s allergic to hay! 


Assistant Director of Adult & Family Ministries

Originally from Nebraska, Jason joined the team in 2011, having previously worked as the Program Director at Camp Eagle in Texas. He attended John Brown University where he received degrees in children and family ministries, and family and human services. Jason also received his masters in biblical studies from Denver Seminary. He and his wife, Melinda have two children, Ethan (age 4) and Mikayla (age 2). What Jason loves most about his job, is seeing God call people to Himself for the first time, watching relationships find healing and seeing people wanting to be more like Jesus. You play a critical role in the work that God is doing through Hume and Jason is so thankful for your support.
Interesting Fact: At age two, Jason was one hour away from losing his life to a ruptured appendix.


Director of Women’s Ministries

Megan has spent her summers in Ponderosa since 2006. From 2007–2012 she was the “Spirit Girl,” and in fall 2012 she transitioned into her current role as Director of Women’s Ministries. Megan lives in Long Beach with her husband, Randy. She is also the Director of Development and Production for DavidCCook’s TRU Curriculum, and is a speaker at colleges, churches, conferences and retreats. Megan has a degree in communication from Westmont College, and a masters in organizational leadership from Azusa Pacific University. What Megan loves most about her Hume job, is watching women become FREE through surrendering their lives to Jesus for the first time or establishing a habit of doing so for the REST of their lives.