Ponderosa: Summer 2016 Recap

October 3, 2016

Ponderosa - Summer 2016Oftentimes at Hume we are on the search for stories of how camper’s lives have changed. Even when I find myself writing up an article for Hume News, I am trying to find and think through the coolest stories I have heard this summer. However, the story that has stuck with me was from one day when I was walking out of our counselor meeting and a counselor came up and said, “I want you to know how grateful we are for Hume.” She went on to tell me about how the night before one of her girls looked at her and told her that she wanted to surrender her life to Jesus. It wasn’t in a big emotional moment, when the music is swelling and everyone was looking, it was just in the quietness of her cabin in the midst of a conversation where her camper, Lisa, just realized she needed Jesus and was ready to genuinely commit her life to following Him. The counselor went on to tell me with complete joy on her face what it was like for her to pray with Lisa and how two of the girls in her cabin had been praying for this camper for a long time and that they were so excited as well. I don’t know Lisa’s story, where she came from, what she struggles with, but God does. His truth was proclaimed and a student went from death to life that night.

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