Wagon Train: Summer 2016 Recap

October 3, 2016

Wagon Train - Summer 2016The sweet thing about working with kids from ages 8-11 years old is that they speak exactly what is on their minds. For the most part, it’s great. With that type of blunt honesty you also get the, “Are you almost done?” comments in the middle of a chapel message, or the occasional, “You know that other guy? You should have him tell the stories, ‘cuz he’s funnier than you.” (I’ll allow no kid to damage my pride…The bad jokes will keep coming).

Among all the unwarranted opinions shared by campers, I get to hear and witness some pretty amazing moments. Like the kid who comes from a Muslim family and realizes he’s in for a challenge when he gets home, still needing to respect his parents while holding onto his new belief in Jesus. Or the kid who understands with clarity that just maybe, God has allowed him to experience some pretty horrible stuff in a broken family so he can grow in his faith to be an example to other kids dealing with the same thing. Or like the kid who opens up about his mom dealing with cancer, and how hard it is for him to trust God when he sees her health continue to deteriorate.

The candid words that come from these campers often remind me of the deep worth of a child-like faith. They often comprehend the basic truths of God on a deeper level than many adults, and it’s a privilege to experience that firsthand.

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