Wildwood: Summer 2016 Recap

October 3, 2016

Wildwood - Summer 2016Distant from the noise of recreation, the picturesque lake, and the lights of the Opener, hides the best-kept secret of Hume Lake Christian Camps. That secret is Wildwood, a discipleship camp focused on training high school students to be disciples that go home and make disciples. This summer we introduced the spiritual disciplines through our theme, Draw. Based out of James 4:8, we have sought to create space for students to come into the presence of God and equip them with tools that they could implement into their daily lives.

This summer we had a student named Emily join us. Emily is a third culture kid, someone who is an American but has lived the majority of her life in another country. She currently resides in Seoul, South Korea, where her dad works in the US Embassy. She has made a tradition of coming to Wildwood every summer. Emily stands out because of her desire to grow and be a part of the community built during her week at camp. For her, Wildwood is a familiar place in the face of inconsistent community where she has been built up and prepared for her future. “I go to Wildwood because I want to meet with the Lord genuinely, not that it would just be an experience that would change me for a week, but something that refreshes me and gives me tools that I can take back with me.”

For all of our students, including Emily, God uses their time at Wildwood to have a profound impact on their lives and the lives of those around them.

For more info on Wildwood visit hume.org/wildwood