God Moves on Mountains

December 29, 2016

Encountering the Power of GodWomen's Retreat
God is in the habit of encountering His people on mountains. Sharing promises with Moses (Exodus 33:18-23), revealing His incomparable power with Elijah (1 Kings 18:41-46), making disciples (Luke 6:12-16), and teaching them to obey everything He has commanded (Matthew 6; Matthew 28:16-20).
God still moves on mountains.

God moves; will we respond?

While a three-point application at the end of a message is helpful as we all want to know how God’s Word should change our behavior, knowing the right answers and changing our behavior are not enough. Behavior modification can be done with or without God. God ultimately invites us into more than pursuing good behavior and knowing good information.

The Bible records Jesus asking 307 questions. He was asked 183 questions and only answered three directly. Jesus, who quite literally has the answer to every question, didn’t want people to just listen to Him—He desired to engage with them.

At our women’s retreats at Hume, we create space for women to engage with God. We won’t settle for women merely agreeing with a speaker and walking out unchanged.

As I walked on stage after a Saturday morning message this Fall, I anticipated God wanting to engage with some of His people. After a message on the power of God, I stood on the stage looking out at a sea of women’s faces and was reminded of the moment I encountered the power of God myself.

I pointed to where I was sitting in that same chapel ten years prior; four rows from the front and six people in from the center aisle. The speaker that night spent 35 minutes talking about the power of God and invited students to come forward to the front of chapel to meet with God.Women's Retreat 2

I had no intention of moving from my seat. My seat was comfortable. Sitting amongst my friends was comfortable.

Yet in a moment of absolute trust and a longing for something more than good information about a powerful God from the Bible, I came forward. God invited me into freedom, not only from the sin I had been carrying, but also from the deep concern about what other people might think if they saw me go to the front.

I shared my story and invited women to come forward and kneel. To leave their comfort and trust God with their most painful hurts, deepest insecurities, crippling anxieties and overwhelming giants.

One by one, I watched God defeat fears.

Women left behind their fears and knelt into a deeper trust with Jesus. Not only was fear being defeated as women left their seats in pursuit of a powerful God, fear was demolished as these women encountered perfect love. The most powerful thing to watch was women laughing with hope and crying from pain at the very same time. God wasn’t giving them shallow answers at the front of chapel on this Saturday morning, He was giving them more of Himself. It wasn’t just enough, He was overflowing. He was meeting them precisely where they were at and sitting in His presence was all that they needed.

I grew in faith that morning; faith that God is more than enough; He is worthy of our complete trust; and He still moves on mountains. Praise be to God!

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