A Backstage Pass

March 31, 2017

Projects for Hume in 2017

Last year I had the opportunity to join several other Christian camp directors and attend a performance of Cirque du Soleil. We were able to spend several hours on a “behind the scenes” tour of all the moving parts that made the performance shine. It was amazing! We met professional gymnasts, musicians and technicians. Behind the beauty and majesty of the show, was a large team of people who orchestrated the event.

The mission at Hume Lake Christian Camps is clear. At Hume, with such a strong emphasis on the gospel, it would be easy to think that ministry begins the moment a pastor steps on the platform and opens his Bible. Although the preaching is absolutely key, it is not the beginning or the end of ministry. At Hume, there are thousands of “behind the scenes” acts of ministry that fuel the mission. For example, thousands of people around the country pray for this ministry. There are people who answer phones, manage wastewater, rake pine needles, counsel students, drive vans, sew costumes, and scoop ice cream.

This past winter I had the privilege of spending time with Ministry Partners from all over the state of California during our Vision Dinner tour. I am so thankful for those people who pray for the ministry, volunteer in the ministry and support the ministry financially. I met people who joined the Ministry Partner team for the very first time and others who have been moving ministry forward at Hume for decades. The fact is, we could not do ministry without a large number of faithful Ministry Partners, many of whom serve the Lord behind the scenes.

It was a joy to report back to the guests at the Vision Dinners that we were able to accomplish many projects in 2016 ranging from building the new Sawmill Ropes Course and Wagon Train Tree House to converting a small building into the new Hume New England Snack Shack. We shared many other projects that were completed in 2016 and we could not have achieved those milestones without the support of God’s people.

In 2017 we have set a big goal. Our prayer is that we will be able to raise $2,200,000 in Master Plan giving. Praise the Lord, we have made a lot of progress during the Vision Dinner tour, but we still need help to reach our goal. This year, we plan to focus on the following projects:

Dead Tree Removal & Recovery
With more than 103,000,000 dead trees in the California Sierras, this issue is going to be with us for several years. On campus we still have many trees to remove for greater safety and to help us prevent forest fires.  

Staff Housing at Hume Lake
Last fall we were able to meet the first half of our fundraising goal and break ground for four 4-bedroom housing units. In 2017, with God’s guidance and your financial support, we plan to raise the remaining funds needed to build these much needed housing units to help us address our staff housing issues.

RV Sites
In 2017, we hope to raise money to build 15-18 sites to host volunteers in their RVs. Additionally, these new sites will not only help us mobilize volunteerism, but also open up 36 new spots for men and women to attend a Marriage Retreat or 72 more men and boys to attend the Fishermen’s Retreat. With your help, we can do this. The return on investment on this project will be significant.

Public Restroom Remodel
The public restrooms near the security booth are used frequently and have not been upgraded in many years. They are dated, small and in need of repair. This year, we hope to remodel these restrooms in order to better serve our guests.

Ponderosa Utilities/Hardscaping
This year we hope to take one more step in upgrading the utilities and hardscaping in Ponderosa. We need to run sewer and water lines to our Ponderosa Pizza and Pizookie snack area in order to provide the necessary utilities to serve food in that strategic location.

Camper Cabin Upgrade
We hope to raise funds and recruit volunteers to work alongside our staff to begin the process of upgrading an older cabin or two in the not too distant future.  

Smaller Needs
Living in the mountains in extreme weather, issues will always come up. We hope to raise a relatively small amount of funds to address these unforeseen issues as they arise.  

Hume New England’s Multipurpose Building
In 2017, we hope to raise the remaining dollars to build a much-needed multipurpose building. This will be used in the short term as a 500-person chapel, and in the long term as a place where guests can get out of the elements, play games or host seminars.


Hume could not do ministry without thousands of behind the scenes acts of ministry that are essential to the mission. If you missed one of our Vision Dinners, I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting Hume financially as together we point tens of thousands of people to Jesus. Feel free to reach out to John Boal, our Chief Development Officer, if you would like to join the team.


Dr. John Boal
Chief Development Officer
(559) 305-7551

Give to Hume Ministries at hume.org/support