Behind the Scenes: Medical Response

March 31, 2017

Ready To Help Those in Need

Infirmary Due to our remote location and subsequent distance to the nearest emergency room, Hume Lake Christian Camps developed an emergency medical services team years ago to tend to the well-being of our guests. Originally, this involved one or two EMTs and a couple of first responders. Today, these services have evolved into a mostly volunteer team of doctors, nurses, summer staff nurse interns and EMTs who are ready to handle everything from the smallest bump and scrape to advanced situations.

The hub of much of Hume’s medical care is the Infirmary. The Infirmary, currently run by our full-time nurse manager, Kelly Donohue, treats the vast majority of medical situations onsite, allowing the most number of guests possible to resume their stay without a trip “down the hill” for medical attention, thus allowing them to be present to hear the gospel. Nurse Kelly1To accomplish this mission, we need a team of rotating visiting doctors and/or nurses to staff each camp and retreat (we typically have two doctors, four nurses and five nurse interns during each of our summer camp weeks), as well as an overseeing doctor to dictate standing orders and protocols. In addition to gifting the camp with their skills, knowledge and experience, our medical staff give a healthy dose of TLC to any camper in need, patching many homesick, lonely or hurting hearts each year.

Medical emergencies often involve an additional branch of Hume’s medical response team: our EMTs, trained to respond on location and transport patients to nurses or doctors when further medical care is needed. Typically an EMT response is triggered when someone calls 911 or alerts a staff member of a medical situation. In the case of a 911 call, an automated alarm is triggered, which sets into motion the call for the Hume Lake Volunteer Fire Rescue Company to respond. Our responders are typically already en route as the details of the call are being determined. Our camp radios and pagers, carried by all on-call Fire and Rescue personnel, are tools used to activate an EMS response, as well.Supplies

If more immediate advanced medical care is warranted, our EMTs are able to transport patients by ambulance down to the valley. In the event of a life or limb emergency, Hume has the ability to airlift patients to the Fresno hospitals, saving many precious minutes in these incidents. Whenever a medical helicopter is summoned, the Hume Fire Rescue Company is responsible for clearing the landing zone and maintaining a perimeter until the helicopter has safely left the premises.

These days, a side goal for our first responders is to appropriately respond to an alarm (heard through radio alerts) and silence it before setting off the air raid siren heard by the entire camp. Many of you who have spent any time at Hume in years past will remember hearing the distinct alarm throughout the basin. Hume often experiences emergencies that our guests are never aware of, leaving them to enjoy their camp, retreat or vacation undistracted.