Republica Dominicana

March 31, 2017

JWI Serves in the Dominican Republic

Estamos en la Republica Dominicana! Well…not anymore…

The Joshua Wilderness Institute just returned from a remarkable experience on the island of Hispaniola—3,124 miles (as the crow flies) from Los Angeles, California. With seven staff, and 49 students in tow, we embarked on our 14-day journey to the eastern side of the island—Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.

DR1Every January, the Joshua Wilderness Institute, in partnership with Students International, makes the annual migration to this island to immerse our students in a third-world country, inside a missions environment, and expose them to a short-term outreach experience in dozens of occupational ministries.

Our Joshua students have the ability to “suit up” and work alongside full-time staff professionals at different ministry sites. Whether helping teach school children English or Spanish, assisting a dentist extracting some teeth, examining a pregnant patient, or helping a 107-year-old stay limber through physical therapy, the students get real, hands-on experience in different areas of ministry.

It is during this immersion where both student and recipient share in the experience of meeting physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs, while at the same time broadening their perspective of the world around them. And of course, it allows them the opportunity to put their passions into practice while sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Oh…and they have monster spiders down there!

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