Changing Lives Through Outdoor Education Camps

May 12, 2017

We concluded another incredible season of Spring Outdoor Education in April, and it was once again amazing to see the Lord’s hand at work.  Every week we saw God’s Kingdom grow, as students surrendered their lives to Him.  One of my favorite things is to listen to the stories the counselors share about the conversations they had with their students in chapel or their cabins about what the Gospel truly means, and what it means to surrender your life to Jesus.  

Some of these counselors are teachers or administrators, and many others of them are parents of the students.  As these counselors are also learning from and being challenged by God’s Word as they sit in chapel, they are often moved as they watch God’s hand at work in these students lives.  We had one father who came with his son share that he was blown away at how clearly some of the students shared the Gospel with the other students in their cabin.  He realized that even though he was the “counselor”, he was learning from some of the 6th grade boys how to clearly share the Truth of God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ, and that got him all excited about going home and sharing the Gospel with others.

A mother shared with me about a counselor who came with their school last year to Outdoor Education, and had her life transformed by the Lord.  She went back home a whole new person, eager to share the Love of Christ with those around her, and constantly sharing how excited she was for the school to go back to Hume this year.  This lady spent the school year proclaiming the Love of Christ in word and deed.  Everyone around her noticed a difference, and she began meeting up with family and friends from her past to love them well, reconcile with some, and to share the love of Jesus with them.  Early in April, she had some serious health complications, and ended up dying and going home to be with Lord on Easter morning, a week before the school came to Outdoor Education camp this April.  She was on mission loving like Jesus right up to the day the Lord took her home.  

The counselor sharing this story with me wanted to thank me and all who work for and support the ministry of Hume, because she said her life had now also been radically changed by Jesus.  She was able to see what the other counselor saw, and why she had been so passionate about Jesus, and excited about the school coming back to Hume.  It wasn’t about Hume.  It was about the Gospel, and the transforming work of God’s Spirit.

It is always good for me to be reminded that not only are students being transformed by the Gospel here at Hume during Outdoor Education, but the adults that come as counselors are often being equally as impacted if not even more.  It is so awesome to know that as we send the students and counselors home, many of them are going to be impacting their communities for the Lord’s Kingdom because of things the Lord taught them during their time at camp.  We will never know all the stories of how each person has been changed, or how God uses them to in turn impact others, but we trust that God’s Word will not return void, that there is power in the Truth of the Gospel, and that God will continue to do His work in their lives long after they leave Hume.

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