April 23, 2017

June 26, 2017

My Baptism at Hume Lake
God reveals Himself at Hume. My daughter and I have been going to Hume Women’s Retreats for the past five years. At these retreats, I’ve fallen more in love with Jesus. Years ago I remember Megan Fate Marshman once asking the question, “Do you really know Jesus or merely know about Him?” This question hit home because I thought I knew Jesus because I went to church every Sunday, but I really did not. I knew I needed to get to know Jesus on a personal level.

Over the past five years, my faith has grown tremendously as I’ve gotten involved in my local church and made yearly trips to Hume. I was ready to take my next step and publicly declare my commitment to Jesus Christ.

My daughter Courtney made her personal decision to follow Christ the summer before her sophomore year at Hume. We mutually agreed that Hume Lake is the place we feel closest to God. We decided that we would love to be baptized together in our special place.

I had a few worries about the morning: how cold the water would be, if we would be able to capture the moment on camera, and who would be there to witness it. When we got to the lake that morning, we were greeted with two perfectly sized wetsuits, a Hume photographer who also (not coincidentally) had prayed for me the night before in chapel, and a crowd of people. Not only was my mother a part of the crowd, Megan and her family and a woman named Jessie, an impactful seminar speaker, were all there. They prayed a blessing over us and into the water we went. God reveals Himself at Hume…in the littlest of details (like wetsuits) and major life decisions (like our baptism). Praise be to God!

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