Time, Treasure & Talents

June 26, 2017

The Trail of Hope
Every fall and spring something spectacular happens at Hume New England. We see signs of it around the pond, in the Heights, even on top of the old Chapel; and just this spring we saw it all the way up on one of the mountain peaks in camp. As mysterious as it may seem, it’s all simply volunteers giving of themselves to support this ministry.

Sometimes they come alone or in pairs, sometimes we have youth groups, sometimes retired firefighters, and other times we have big church families where even the little ones participate. They rake up massive amounts of fall leaves and fallen branches, renovate old buildings, repair decks, redo roofs, create trails, paint, and help with so many other projects. Just this spring a group of volunteers worked alongside our staff to create something really special, something that will impact campers and staff for years to come.

The project took place on one of our highest peaks, one that only had a steep, rough trail leading to it and couldn’t be reached by motor vehicle. The vision was to put a cross on the peak with seating that overlooked the beautiful Berkshire hills, a lake and the valley below. All equipment and supplies had to be carried up, including 700 pounds of concrete. God supplied a natural rock clearing in the trees, and the cross was made from a large tree next to the site. The effort would require a hole large enough to place the cross into and we hit rock after only twelve inches. One faithful volunteer spent the next day and a half jack-hammering to reach a depth of three feet.

The challenge of lifting the equivalent of 28 feet of solid oak standing 20 feet tall into a three-foot hole was daunting. With God’s provision of Hume’s rigging expert and the combined ideas and manpower of a crew of volunteers, the cross was put into place quickly and safely. Thanks to the ingenuity and sweat of one volunteer couple, comfortable log seating for 50 campers is now in place.

Hume is a ministry built on prayer. One of Hume’s founders was known to climb Sunshine Mountain overlooking Hume Lake to pray. We see the example of Jesus, who went to a garden to be alone to pray to His Father. At Hume New England, we wanted a destination to pause and worship God, be reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, His power over death, and how He made a way for us. Just as those faithful men who founded Hume Lake desired a revival in the San Joaquin Valley, we find ourselves here in the Berkshires praying for a revival in New England. The trail up to our peak, ending with the cross, is called “The Trail of Hope.” We know that God is faithful, we await revival, and we are so very thankful for the men, women and children who come alongside this ministry and volunteer their time, treasures and talents.

For more info on HNE and volunteering visit humenewengland.org