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David Harrison

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    What is a Donor Advised Fund?

    Looking for great tax benefits from your giving? By David Harrison, Director of Gift & Estate Planning A Way to Encourage Multi Generational Generosity There has been recent press about Donor Advised Funds (“DAF”) and many large investment companies have entered the market. A DAF is a fund created to receive donations from a person […]

    Comments Off January 1, 2015

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    Make Your Estate Plan Reflect Your Family and Your Values

    How much should I leave for my kids in my Will or Trust? How Much Should I Leave for My Kids? I am frequently asked if I recommend any online or legal software programs to “self-do” your Will or Trust. My answer is usually “no” because those programs aren’t created to reflect your unique family […]

    0 comment October 7, 2014

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    God’s Provision through Legacies

    Legacies with Eternal Impact Over the past few months, Hume Lake has been the beneficiary of several of our friend’s legacies as they went home to be with our Lord. I would like to tell you about a couple of these generous and faithful friends. One gentleman had heard about the ministry of Hume Lake […]

    0 comment July 3, 2014

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    How to Get the Most “Bang for Your Buck”

    Giving Appreciated Assets I am often asked how to get the most bang for the buck when giving to charity. The answer can really be very simple. If we give to charity, appreciated assets such as stock, mutual funds or real estate, we can avoid the capital gains tax and Medicare surtax. This will allow […]

    0 comment March 31, 2014

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    How To Earn Income From Your Gift to Hume

    This past summer, many asked me about Charitable Gift Annuities (“CGAs”.)  A CGA is a gift to a charity whereby the charity agrees to pay back to the donor, income for a single or joint lifetime. CGAs are best suited for individuals over the age of 55 as a high-income replacement for low earning savings […]

    0 comment October 14, 2013

  • How to Have a Tax-Free Sale of Appreciated Assets

    We Are Here to Help For those who made investments years ago with the future in mind, the future has arrived! Many of the investments made years ago have significantly increased in value. Now is the time to sell those assets and find higher income, but there is a problem. Few of us want to […]

    0 comment August 5, 2013

  • Simple Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Will or Trust

    This season we are offering assistance to you to create or update your Will or Living Trust and we wanted to share some of the most common mistakes that can ruin your planning. Common Planning Mistakes   1. Failing to update when you have the chance. As a rule of thumb, your Will or Trust […]

    0 comment April 5, 2013

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    A Great Way to Start 2013

    Leave a Legacy Through Your Will or Trust Studies show that one of the strongest motivations we have in our lives, is the desire for significance. We all desire to leave a lasting impact on those close to us, and to make a difference. During the first quarter of 2013, we at Hume are going […]

    0 comment January 3, 2013

  • Hume Lake Leaf

    Leaving a Legacy

    Introducing the Hume Legacy Society I recently spent time on the grass beside the lake with a young pastor named Matt, who told me the specific time and place at Hume where he re-dedicated his life to Christ when he was 16 years old. God, at Hume Lake, began a work in his life that […]

    0 comment October 15, 2012

  • Preparing for the Future with Your Family

    STEWARDSHIP SEMINARS AT HUME LAKE CHRISTIAN CAMPS By David Harrison, Director of Planned Giving Recently Linda and her husband described their gratefulness for the time they spent with her mother a year before she went to be with the Lord. “I don’t know how we would have dealt with all the issues that came up, […]

    0 comment June 29, 2012