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Rachel Closs

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    Hume International: Thailand & Papua New Guinea

    One of my favorite things about Hume Lake is its commitment to sharing the gospel not only here in the states but also abroad. I was so pumped to be able to join Hume International as we brought camp to over 400 junior high and high school missionary kids in northern Thailand. It was an […]

    Comments Off on Hume International: Thailand & Papua New Guinea December 30, 2015

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    Below are two simple stories. However, when you read closely and envision experiencing the life change firsthand, they become more awe-inspiring… An Excerpt From a Counselor’s Email We have about five guys in our youth group who have been disruptive and for lack of a better term troublemakers since their freshman year. They have come […]

    0 comment October 9, 2015

  • Exposing Missions

    Exposing Campers to International Missions

    Harvest India Our hope at Hume is that each person coming into contact with this global ministry will devote their lives in service to our Lord Jesus at home and abroad. One of the ways we try to achieve this mission is through focusing on an international ministry each summer in hopes to expose students […]

    Comments Off on Exposing Campers to International Missions July 1, 2015

  • Hume Staff in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea

    Hume Goes to Papua New Guinea

    Every other fall, Hume raises funds, packs bags of rec gear, video equipment, opener costumes and props, obtains visas and plane tickets and heads off to the far ends of the world, to Papua New Guinea to run a camp for missionary students. A few facts about Papua New Guinea: it’s located right above Australia, […]

    0 comment November 7, 2014

  • summertheme-featured

    Summer Theme 2014: AXE

    What are You Living to Make Known? In most good stories there is a defining moment, a point at which something or someone is revealed or identified, a point of no return. As you watch a movie or listen to a story, you wait and eagerly anticipate what this turning point will be and then […]

    2 comments July 3, 2014

  • ponderosa-featured


    Our week ends with students going up to a place called Victory Circle to worship and reflect on what God did in their lives in the past week. We give them the opportunity to stand, and with only one sentence, summarize the life change that has happened. “I have hope that I can go home […]

    0 comment October 14, 2013

  • newguinea-featured

    Taking Hume to Papua New Guinea

    Missionary Kids Get the Hume Experience “Jesus, thank you so much for the Hume Lake team and their willingness to come serve all the way here in Papua New Guinea. They’ve truly given us the greatest gift one could give us by ministering and loving our kids and for that I am so grateful…Amen.” When […]

    1 comment January 3, 2013

  • Ponderosa Worship

    The Phantastical Journey of the Wandering Lites

    GOD IS SUFFICIENT I was recently sitting with a dear friend in one of Hume’s adirondack chairs overlooking the lake. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon…the kind of day that feels like you could just sit and look at God’s incredible masterpiece of a landscape for hours and hours. As we sat there catching […]

    0 comment June 29, 2012

  • IMG_3669

    In Awe of What God Does

    WINTER CAMP 2012 Every Saturday during the winter camp season, there is this anticipation that grows inside of me all day. I find myself walking through camp smiling at the beauty of 1,000 students running from the OK Chalet to the snowboarding hill to barely catching their team’s 2nd round of broom hockey to sipping […]

    0 comment April 13, 2012

  • summer-theme

    Summer 2011 Theme: All In

    It is our desire to have each student leave Hume with a passion and hunger to read God’s word…

    0 comment July 6, 2011