• The Bathroom Wall

    I am not a fan of graffiti. I think it is wrong to deface property. It makes a space look messy and is generally not a good idea. With that said, Hume Lake Christian Camps is a primarily a youth-focused organization and it is not uncommon that we find a bit of graffiti or, for […]

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  • Fit for the Call

    Every year before camp, I imagine the amazing things I will experience: Taking notes from the speakers, worshiping alongside the band, growing deeper with friends, having one-on-ones with church leaders. But in eight times at Hume, I’ve never anticipated the work God will do. But this year, God broke down walls I didn’t even realize […]

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  • Join Hume in Hawaii or Papua New Guinea

    HUME HAWAII March 18 – 26, 2018 We are searching for adventurous individuals who would be interested in joining Hume to run camp ​in Hawaii.  Since 2009 Hume has been running camp in Hawaii and we have seen God work in powerful ways. This spring we will be running camp for over 200 kids on […]

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  • The Main Thing

    The Mission of Hume In 1988 I was a summer staffer at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Along with about twenty other college students, I was part of the “Summer Alternate Staff” team. Like today’s “Summer Counseling Staff” members, we filled in for churches who needed an extra counselor for the week. Each Sunday, after lunch, […]

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  • Summer Theme 2017: Forsaken

    I Samuel 12:24 As camp directors, we sat around a table last September discussing conversations we heard all summer from youth pastors on what issues their students were encountering. We began to see a pattern emerge from those conversations. Topics such as identity, obedience and perseverance in their faith were overwhelmingly consistent responses from youth […]

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  • Behind the Scenes: Anatomy of Recreation

    Playing for a Purpose For more than seventy years Hume Lake Christian Camps has consistently held the gospel of Jesus Christ as the ultimate purpose for existing. Clearly presenting the gospel and providing an opportunity for individuals to respond is a non-negotiable in all camps and retreats. While the gospel is at the center of […]

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  • Summer Staff Profile: Charlie Strong

    Leading the Security Team If you have been to Hume over the last 10 summers then you have probably met Charlie Strong. He leads our summer Security Team and is one of the friendly smiles that greet you when you check in at the Security Booth. Charlie had 30 years with the Los Angeles Police […]

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  • Time, Treasure & Talents

    The Trail of Hope Every fall and spring something spectacular happens at Hume New England. We see signs of it around the pond, in the Heights, even on top of the old Chapel; and just this spring we saw it all the way up on one of the mountain peaks in camp. As mysterious as […]

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  • April 23, 2017

    My Baptism at Hume Lake God reveals Himself at Hume. My daughter and I have been going to Hume Women’s Retreats for the past five years. At these retreats, I’ve fallen more in love with Jesus. Years ago I remember Megan Fate Marshman once asking the question, “Do you really know Jesus or merely know about […]

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  • Making the Best Use of the Good Times

    Gifting Appreciated Assets I am constantly on the lookout for creative ways to maximize the gifts that are given to God’s work at Hume Lake. With potential tax changes being discussed and proposed, we are uncertain about the future of the techniques that can offer enormous benefits to those giving. With the recent increase in […]

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