• Lake - Square

    Alarming Trends in Inheritances

    Stewarding Our Resources & Families Well Having had the opportunity over the past twenty years to visit and work with thousands of families, I have discovered some alarming trends. There has been a tremendous change in the form of inheritances since the 1950’s. For thousands of years, an inheritance represented a means to make a […]

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  • Bob - FT

    Transforming the Life Effectiveness of God’s People

    Joshua Wilderness Institute As our 2016-2017 Joshua Wilderness Institute (JWI) class started up this past month, it did so with our third director of the program. Bob Plouffe, who has been with Hume Lake Christian Camps since 2003 in several different positions but most recently as the Senior Director of Human Resources, took the reins […]

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  • Andlau (Alsace) - Vineyards

    Join Hume on a Reformation Tour of Europe

    Germany, Prague and Switzerland in Fall 2017 Five hundred years ago, in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his famous Ninety-five Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany, forever changing the trajectory of church history, our faith and our understanding of grace alone through faith alone. Join friends of Hume on this special Reformation anniversary […]

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  • hawaii-ft

    The Ministry of Hume in Hawaii

    In April my family and I had the privilege of going on vacation with some of our extended family to Maui, Hawaii. We stayed in a VRBO house. To get there, one needed to turn left off the Hana Highway, just past the coconut stand, and go two miles down a dirt road. The house […]

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  • bingo-ft


    Proclaiming Truth in an Ungodly Culture We live in a world that is not exactly the way God intended it to be. Sin has corrupted it and some have chosen to forget God all together. In the midst of this complicated world we are called to proclaim God’s truth in the midst of an ungodly […]

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  • highadventure-ft

    Behind the Scenes: High Adventure

    Experiences in the Trees For more than 20 years Hume Lake Christian Camps has been using adventure activities such as high ropes courses as tools for reaching people for Jesus. The question begs, why? Why participate in “risky” activities? Why challenge ourselves physically and mentally? Why push ourselves to engage in an activity that scares […]

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  • firethanks-ft

    When “Thank You” Isn’t Enough

    Hume Staff Gather to Show Gratitude We all say “thanks” many times every day. Sometimes it means very little and other times we have so much gratitude that “thank you” only scratches the surface of how grateful we truly are. Two thousand and fifteen was quite a year at Hume with the Rough Fire growing […]

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  • sbcft-ft

    Church Spotlight: Sierra Bible Church

    Why Hume? Over the years I have spoken with youth pastors that thought they had issues with Hume. None of them actually take kids to Hume, so for what it’s worth they would say things like “I don’t want my kids to go up and get a ‘Hume high’ only to come back down the […]

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  • giving-ft

    Giving it Twice

    Consider a Charitable Remainder Unitrust During this past year, two couples used an innovative way to secure a lifetime income stream while leaving a gift to Hume Lake. By donating property into a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, these families created a charitable income tax deduction to be used for this year, they by-passed the capital gains […]

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  • vessel-ft

    A Larger Vessel

    Chapel Renovation at Hume New England I do not know when it was built, but I do know why. It is not anything special to look at but its beauty is neither in the walls nor the rafters. What makes it great is not in the furnishings or the fixtures. Its true beauty cannot be […]

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