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  • 2012 Winter Camp Wrap Ups


  • The Flower Cabins are on the Move Again

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  • Taking Hume to Papua New Guinea

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  • Meet Stan & Angi White

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  • Hume Ministries Advances into New England

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    Hume International: Thailand 2013

    Camp for Missionary Kids The middle of October found a Hume International team of 13 winging our way to Chiang Mai, Thailand to run two camps for both high school and middle school missionary and “third-culture” kids. God put together an incredible team who had both Hume experience and a passion to share Christ through [...]

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    Wagon Train Kitchen and Dining Pavilion Update

    Progress Continues As you can see from the pictures, progress on the new kitchen and dining facility is moving forward. Work to demolish the temporary facility literally started about ten minutes after the last student finished breakfast on the last day of camp for Week 10, and hasn’t let up since. Volunteers from Firefighters for [...]

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    Behind the Scenes: Life at Hume Lake

    When people hear that I live at Hume Lake, it inevitably leads to a series of questions about what life is like, living so remotely in the mountains. Here’s a little glimpse into the Hume life. Grocery Shopping Let’s just say that living 90 minutes away from Fresno, and the nearest major store, makes shopping [...]

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    A Marriage Worth Fighting For

    Marriage Retreats Partner with Between Two Trees Ministries Everyone has been affected by the devastating results of divorce in one way or another. It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy marriage is a daily battle that requires time and effort. Your relationship with your spouse directly affects your relationship with the Lord, your family and [...]

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    Dear Dad

    This is a letter written from Katelyn, a Wildwood camper, to her dad while she was at camp. Dear Dad, Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wildwood was an amazing experience that will affect me for the rest of my life. I learned so much and from now on, I can only learn [...]

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  • Ponderosa Chapel

    2014 Winter Camp Wrap Ups

    Watch the wrap up videos and listen to the recorded audio messages from Hume Winter Camp 2012!

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  • Gratitude-Featured


    We at Hume Lake are full of gratitude this Thanksgiving season. Over the past several weeks, it has been our desire to look for creative ways to simply say, thank you. We are thankful to God and are thankful for you. It is such an honor for our team to host may guests, partner with [...]

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    Three Observations

    I feel blessed, humbled, and excited to join the staff team at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Now that summer 2013 is in the rear view mirror, let me share three observations of my first summer as Interim Executive Director. God is Moving It has been often said that God’s hand is over Hume. On July [...]

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    Our week ends with students going up to a place called Victory Circle to worship and reflect on what God did in their lives in the past week. We give them the opportunity to stand, and with only one sentence, summarize the life change that has happened. “I have hope that I can go home [...]

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  • Wildwood


    What does it mean to know God? What does it mean to make Him known? These were the two pivotal questions that we sought to answer up at Wildwood this summer. Week after week we got to witness God move and encounter students’ lives and week after week we got to see students wrestle with [...]

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