• Welcome Brad & Leslie Rose

    Hume’s New Chief Operating Officer I am excited to introduce to you our new Chief Operating Officer, Brad Rose. Brad sits in the number two seat in the organization and will oversee much of the day-to-day operations of the ministry. For many years, Brad served as one of the top Executive Project Managers at IBM. […]

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  • inawe-ft

    Always in Awe

    The First Winter Camps at HNE Immediately and without hesitation; that’s how it happened. I stood in the back of the chapel at Hume New England. I listened as the speaker presented the truth of the gospel to a room full of junior high students. When he challenged campers to respond, they stood up. Immediately […]

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    Dam Restoration Update

    #PrayforWater Over the last year you’ve likely heard us talk about the restoration of the Hume Lake Dam. Considered one of the most at-risk dams in the control of the Forest Service (you don’t want a dam to be leaking ya know?) the restoration work on the 108 year old dam was a welcomed project […]

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    Behind the Scenes: Utilities

    Water, Wastewater, and Energy One of the departments with the least visibility but yet is absolutely critical to the operation of the camp is our Utilities Department. Lead by Jon Nelson, our Utilities Manager, and assisted by Jeremy Clark, Dustin Holzer and Darla Mason, this team oversees the Water Treatment Plant, the Wastewater Treatment Plant, […]

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    Come Live & Work at Hume

    Have you ever thought about working for Hume? Life at Hume Lake is not for everyone (it’s a three hour round trip to get groceries) but there are so many awesome things about being a part of the ministry. If you want to use your God-given skills and talents to reach thousands of people a […]

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    The Gift of a Day

    In what seems like just the blink of an eye, another year has passed. In fact, the decades seem to be moving quickly as well. I remember as a kid, time seemed to move slowly. As a little boy, it felt like nap time would never end, birthdays would never come and the winter snow […]

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    Hume Staff & Families During the Rough Fire

    There are moments and events that define generations, times in which God Himself leaves an indelible mark on every life and people walk away forever changed. The Rough Fire is likely that event for this generation of Hume staff. As the Rough Fire blazed through the landscape all around us, the Lord’s refining fire burned […]

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    Drought Challenges

    We have been talking about the statewide drought for a couple of years. We are hopeful that this coming winter season will change all that for Hume Lake Christian Camps because it has taken a toll on the property and the ministry. Many of you know that we had to postpone some of our strategic […]

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    Hume New England Tour & Cruise

    It’s likely that when you think about spending time at Hume your mind drifts up the mountains, through the trees, to the lake, and then lingers on the fun you always have with your friends and family. These days there is so much more to Hume than just that one beautiful place in the mountains. […]

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    Offsite Ministry Fall 2015

    The Rough Fire brought both unforeseen challenges and incredible offsite ministry opportunities for us this fall. With the cancellation of all Hume events from the end of August until the end of December, we looked for ways to continue ministry, but away from the lake location. In the Fresno area we were able to provide […]

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