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  • countyourblessings-featured

    Count Your Blessings

    God’s Faithfulness We at Hume Lake Christian Camps are blessed. Recently I was thinking back over the past few months and the words of an old hymn came to mind. Count your blessings, name them one by one, And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done. God is alive and at work through [...]

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  • wagontrainnexg50-featured

    Wagon Train – Ready for the Next 50 Years!

    You’ve heard us talk a lot about Wagon Train in the last several years and we are thrilled to announce that the renovation is complete. Yeehaw! Wagon Train, our camp for kids ages 8-11, has seen 50 years of amazing ministry. The first summer for our littlest cowboys and cowgirls was 1964 and began with [...]

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  • newenglandspotlightrajan-featured

    New England Youth Pastor Spotlight: Rajan Shahi

    A letter from Governor Jeb Bush. That’s what made it possible for Rajan Shahi and his wife, Rebecca, to come to the United States for the first time. How he got the letter is a story for another day, but if it wasn’t for that, Rajan and his youth group from Immanuel Baptist Church in [...]

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  • standbackwatch-featured

    Stand Back and Watch God Work

    Spring 2014 Do you ever get bogged down with the details? Can’t see the forest through the trees? The pace is picking up at Hume as we prepare for the summer season (by the time you read this, summer will be well under way!) The to-do lists are only getting longer, never shorter, and I [...]

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  • waterconservation-featured

    Behind the Scenes: Water Conservation

    Praying for Provision We have heard from many of you, wondering what Hume Lake Christian Camps is anticipating for the summer regarding the water situation at the lake. As a result of the drought condition throughout the state of California, we are feeling the pinch here at the lake. The lake did fill for the [...]

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  • summertheme-featured

    Summer Theme 2014: AXE

    What are You Living to Make Known? In most good stories there is a defining moment, a point at which something or someone is revealed or identified, a point of no return. As you watch a movie or listen to a story, you wait and eagerly anticipate what this turning point will be and then [...]

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  • godsprovision-featured

    God’s Provision through Legacies

    Legacies with Eternal Impact Over the past few months, Hume Lake has been the beneficiary of several of our friend’s legacies as they went home to be with our Lord. I would like to tell you about a couple of these generous and faithful friends. One gentleman had heard about the ministry of Hume Lake [...]

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  • roadtrip-featured

    Road Trip

    A look at the 2014 Vision Dinner Tour and upcoming projects Fifteen down. One to go. I, along with the Development team, spent the better part of a month on the road attending Vision Dinners from San Diego to Stockton and Folsom to Fresno. Tonight we conclude the 2014 Vision Dinner Tour in the city [...]

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  • challenge-ft

    Changing the Culture of Camping Ministry

    A New Concept of Camping As I look out my office window at the huge mounds of snow, reminders of the countless number of snowstorms we have experienced in New England this winter, it is hard to imagine that summer is just around the corner. Hard to imagine, but oh so welcome, because that can [...]

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  • moam-ft

    Volunteer Profile: Men on a Mission

    A Servant’s Heart We are incredibly blessed by many different volunteer groups, which serve our camp and community by donating their time and talents to contribute to the spreading of the gospel that happens here at Hume. Their gift of volunteering saves our camp monetarily and aids our full-time staff in ways that are simply [...]

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