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    Road Trip

    A look at the 2014 Vision Dinner Tour and upcoming projects Fifteen down. One to go. I, along with the Development team, spent the better part of a month on the road attending Vision Dinners from San Diego to Stockton and Folsom to Fresno. Tonight we conclude the 2014 Vision Dinner Tour in the city [...]

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  • challenge-ft

    Changing the Culture of Camping Ministry

    A New Concept of Camping As I look out my office window at the huge mounds of snow, reminders of the countless number of snowstorms we have experienced in New England this winter, it is hard to imagine that summer is just around the corner. Hard to imagine, but oh so welcome, because that can [...]

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  • moam-ft

    Volunteer Profile: Men on a Mission

    A Servant’s Heart We are incredibly blessed by many different volunteer groups, which serve our camp and community by donating their time and talents to contribute to the spreading of the gospel that happens here at Hume. Their gift of volunteering saves our camp monetarily and aids our full-time staff in ways that are simply [...]

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    Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Summer Film

    Sharing the Gospel through Video I often think back to the summer before my sophomore year of high school, sitting in Ponderosa Chapel, watching the 2001 summer theme video, Theb Roken. I would sit and eagerly await the next installment, thinking: “Someone actually gets to make this. How do they do that? Where did they [...]

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  • stand-ft

    Stand if You Want Jesus

    The Power of the Gospel Winter Camp 2014 has seen, literally, thousands of campers come through and experience the winter program. As the 9th and final week of winter camp gets ready to kick off tomorrow, I reflect on the incredible fruit from this season. This winter we focused on John 15:1-18 and wrestled with [...]

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  • dirt-ft

    Hume Away From Hume

    D.I.R.T. 2014 What happens when you bring together: 390 men, boys and off-road machines, 85,000 acres of desert, 92 RVs, 1 challenging men’s speaker, 3,000 pieces of bacon, 300 pounds of tri tip, 1,000 pieces of sausage, 1,200 pancakes, 900 eggs, 450 gallons of water, 100 pounds of baked beans, 900 flour tortillas, 110 gallons [...]

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    How to Get the Most “Bang for Your Buck”

    Giving Appreciated Assets I am often asked how to get the most bang for the buck when giving to charity. The answer can really be very simple. If we give to charity, appreciated assets such as stock, mutual funds or real estate, we can avoid the capital gains tax and Medicare surtax. This will allow [...]

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  • map-ft

    Why Hume?

    Out-of-State Churches Tell us Why With a myriad of Christian camps between here and there, many churches from outside of California are choosing to bring their students to Hume summer camps. Here are the responses from some of these youth pastors as we asked them the question: “Why come all this way to Hume?” Jamie [...]

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    Front Row Seats

    Watching God Work Julius Erving, commonly known as Dr. J, was an amazing basketball player. His play above the rim captivated a generation of fans, including me. It is hard to describe the excitement I felt as a high school guy when my family was invited by the chaplain of the 76ers to attend a [...]

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  • hne-featured

    Hume New England Update

    The Master Planning of HNE Continues Burning buildings. Falling trees. Unearthed boulders. It sounds like a disaster movie but in fact they are all welcomed sights at Hume New England. Sights that signify the groundbreaking stages of the new, highly anticipated location for the future “Main Camp.” Located just up the road from the current “Main [...]

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