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    Hume Staff & Families During the Rough Fire

    There are moments and events that define generations, times in which God Himself leaves an indelible mark on every life and people walk away forever changed. The Rough Fire is likely that event for this generation of Hume staff. As the Rough Fire blazed through the landscape all around us, the Lord’s refining fire burned […]

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    Drought Challenges

    We have been talking about the statewide drought for a couple of years. We are hopeful that this coming winter season will change all that for Hume Lake Christian Camps because it has taken a toll on the property and the ministry. Many of you know that we had to postpone some of our strategic […]

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    Hume New England Tour & Cruise

    It’s likely that when you think about spending time at Hume your mind drifts up the mountains, through the trees, to the lake, and then lingers on the fun you always have with your friends and family. These days there is so much more to Hume than just that one beautiful place in the mountains. […]

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    Offsite Ministry Fall 2015

    The Rough Fire brought both unforeseen challenges and incredible offsite ministry opportunities for us this fall. With the cancellation of all Hume events from the end of August until the end of December, we looked for ways to continue ministry, but away from the lake location. In the Fresno area we were able to provide […]

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    Pioneer Spirit

    When I think about our country, the legacy of this land was laid by people with a sense of adventure, clear vision and a pioneer spirit. I am filled with that same pioneer spirit as I walk the grounds of Hume New England. Much like the early American settlers, I believe we are breaking ground […]

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    How to Sell You Assets Tax Free

    There are a number of reasons why you might wish to create a charitable remainder trust (CRT). The first may be for capital gains tax savings. When you transfer an appreciated asset to a charitable remainder trust, you avoid capital gains tax on the sale. Because the trust is tax exempt, you can sell your […]

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    Hume International: Thailand & Papua New Guinea

    One of my favorite things about Hume Lake is its commitment to sharing the gospel not only here in the states but also abroad. I was so pumped to be able to join Hume International as we brought camp to over 400 junior high and high school missionary kids in northern Thailand. It was an […]

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    Will You Trust the Cap’n?

    Summer 2015 This summer’s theme entitled, Aye Aye, Cap’n, was amazing! The Sunday night Openers were spectacular. Hume staff and a couple hundred volunteers sewed costumes, built pirate ships, wrote scripts, designed sets, created musical scores and engineered dancing water features. It looked more like a Disney production than a summer camp opener. In fact, […]

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    Below are two simple stories. However, when you read closely and envision experiencing the life change firsthand, they become more awe-inspiring… An Excerpt From a Counselor’s Email We have about five guys in our youth group who have been disruptive and for lack of a better term troublemakers since their freshman year. They have come […]

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    Meadow Ranch

    The best part of every week in Meadow Ranch is 10 quiet seconds on a Monday night. For 10 still seconds, five hundred junior highers sit motionless with their heads bowed and eyes closed. It is by far the best 10 seconds of every week. Better than the Opener, better than the ropes course and […]

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