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    A New Generation Comes to Hume

    Smokey Point Community Church Thirty eight years ago, Byron Waggoner came to Hume Lake as a student. For the next sixteen years, Byron returned and experienced God working in his own life. For almost two decades now, he has been the youth pastor at Smokey Point Community Church in Arlington, Washington, an hour north of […]

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    Join Us in New England

    October 2-11, 2015 Few places are more spectacular than Canada and New England in October, where peak leaf season unveils the beauty of God’s creation. We’ll visit quaint lighthouses. We’ll laugh, worship, and learn from Scripture. Personally, I can’t wait to find a lobster shack in Maine. There’s something about the charming ports, scenery and […]

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    Hume New England: The First Winter Camps

    A speaker, band, theme videos, tube run, ice rink, brooms, helmets, pucks, cardboard, duct tape, snow (and lots of it), fire pits and chocolate are all necessary elements needed to run a Hume-style winter camp. The only thing missing is the campers. Thankfully, they came in the form of over 250 middle and high schoolers […]

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    Winter Camp 2015

    The Gospel Continues to Transform Lives If there is one thing I have learned as a camp director at Hume Lake and continue to be amazed by, it’s that the gospel transforms lives. Week after week we met as a winter camp staff and pleaded with the Lord to move in the hearts of students […]

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    Behind the Scenes: Creating Costumes

    Pirates are Coming to Hume “What’s the theme? What’s the theme?” That’s one of the most common questions we get here at Hume Lake; and for good reason! There are nine months of preparation that go into that first day of summer camp, when our new theme is debuted for those very excited campers. We’ve […]

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    How to Increase Your Income While Reducing Your Taxes

    Consider a Charitable Remainder Trust As we get older, an important goal is to stabilize our income while reducing our income taxes. A well-established method that allows us to accomplish this goal, while also benefitting Hume Lake, is a Charitable Remainder Trust or “CRT.” A CRT is an arrangement in which property, investments or cash […]

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  • Winter Camp with Spencer Huey

    Winter Camp: Trusting God in the Everyday Things

    Trust. It’s such a simple word but comes with a deeper, more profound meaning. This winter we are looking at the idea of trusting God in the everyday things of life – from friends to sports to school to our futures. Time and time again God has proven himself to be worthy of our trust […]

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    A Simple Phone Greeting

    Thankful for God’s work in 2014 and looking forward to 2015 By Dathan Brown, Executive Director Our Work isn’t Done Recently I heard a story of a man who would answer the phone by saying, “One day closer to Heaven.” Ken Poure, Hume Lake Christian Camps’ second Executive Director, was a man who had a […]

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  • Hume New England Trees, ft

    Dorm Dedication at Hume New England

    A game-changer for the ministry in New England By Lenny Harris, Program Director A Historic Event It’s those final few curves on the drive into camp where you catch your first glimpse of the lake. A rush of memories of past visits and a growing anticipation of what this trip may hold brings a smile […]

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  • Hume Lake Stream, ft

    Behind the Scenes: Snow, Ice & Winter Fun

    You’ll be surprised at what it takes to handle winter at Hume! By Mike Drake, Sr. Director of Development Hume Staff are Working Hard this Winter The winter season brings snow each year to the Hume basin. We depend on snow for next summer’s lake and streams as well as for snowy-fun, which every winter […]

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