• Hume Lake

    Getting the Most “Bang for Your Buck”

    Charitable Giving A frequent question I am asked is, “what is the most tax-efficient gift to make?” When determining what asset to gift, a large factor will be the timing of the gift, whether you give during your life or after you are gone. One friend has a saying, “Do your giving while you’re living, […]

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  • IMG_7211

    Bring on the Crazy!

    “I’d rather be in a place that’s hard and be forced to rely on Christ, than to be in a place that’s easy and not feel like I really needed Jesus.” I first heard these words from my dad years ago and they’ve been bouncing around in my head ever since the first evacuation. Over these […]

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  • Philip Hamilton

    Serving like Gideon

    As one of the captains with Hume’s volunteer fire department I had the privilege of staying at Hume throughout the entire Rough Fire. During the first evacuation the team and I spent countless hours preparing the grounds, our apparatus, as well as cooking and cleaning for our fellow firefighters. While serving in these different capacities […]

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  • Ellie and her sister Carmel at the pool during evacuation.

    The Eyes of a Child

    My family was going on vacation. The fire had already started a couple weeks before. It was caused by a lightning strike about 5 miles from Hume. We knew there was a chance of evacuation while we were on our trip so my mom and dad put our files and pictures on the dining room […]

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  • Things that Really Matter

    I can’t stop thinking about refiner’s fire, how it burns away the things that don’t matter and leaves the eternal, important things behind. Fire Evacuation is a lot like that; it strips us of the material, inconsequential details of life and lets us focus on the things that really matter. In these last few weeks […]

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    Take Me Back

    My name is Rich Baker, I have worked and lived at Hume lake for the last 13 years. Like most of my friends I was evacuated from my home early last week and it was a strange feeling not being able to get back to the place you love and live. I was so fortunate […]

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    Doubt, Trust and Ice Cream

    From Jen Manlief Associate Director of the Joshua Wilderness Institute Alright, as promised: thoughts. Driving in yesterday, I realized that I truly do identify a bit with “Doubting Thomas”. That guy gets a bad rap. As I looked into the canyon and saw a landscape that I’d only ever seen in the forboding parts of […]

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  • The Boy Featured

    The Boy Who Stood Tall

    Life Change is Happening at Hume Lake Leadership has many definitions. Some writers, such as John Maxwell, have defined leadership simply as influence. To the degree influence defines leadership, it is clear that  a new leader stood tall at Hume Lake Christian Camps this March. Ponderosa Chapel was full of guys excited to come to […]

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  • Ponderosa Stage

    Aye Aye Cap’n!

    Trusting the Captain in All Things In the early weeks of September our program team went into a cabin at Hume and got on our knees asking God for direction for the summer 2015 theme. We all came out feeling very passionate about looking at the life of Peter. When studying the life of Peter, […]

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  • Hume Lake

    “But my Child is Unique!”

    Estate Planning for Your Children and Your Values One benefit of my job is getting to sit down at kitchen tables with families as they share their blessings and concerns. I have noticed while reviewing estate planning documents that well over 95% do not address a family’s Christian values nor the specific issues their children […]

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