• Alumni Profile: Chester Pharis

    Chet did the plumbing in the Ark, Cedar Hall, the bathrooms in Ponderosa Chapel and the Dining Hall, and the first lodges. Chet was also involved with the plumbing for Hume’s sewer and water treatment plants. By the early 90’s, Chet could brag that he had had a hand in just about every building at Hume Lake.

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  • Alumni Profile: Paul Weston

    Paul Weston’s story is not about Paul. It’s not about Hume Lake either. It’s about a handful of Christian camps; about God using Paul in all of them; and—most importantly—God using those camps to work in Paul’s life as well.

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  • Alumni Profile: John Alvarado

    In 1998, a team from Hume Lake traveled to Mexico to visit a small children’s ministry. They returned to Hume, not only impressed with the ministry, but with one of its staff—John Alvarado. It didn’t take long before John was invited to come to Hume for the summer; first in Wagon Train, and then in […]

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  • Alumni Profile: Megan Fate

    For any high school student who has attended summer camp at Hume in the last three years, Megan Fate is practically a household name. Known as the Spirit Girl, Megan gets campers excited not only about recreation, but about the Gospel and living for Christ.

    1 comment May 16, 2009

  • Alumni Profile: Norm Daniels

    What is a legacy? Look no further than Norm Daniels for the answer to that question. If you’ve been to Hume in the last two decades, you’ve experienced the rich legacy Norm Daniels has left behind. Since 1979, God has been using Norm on a vast scale to impact the thousands of people Hume ministers […]

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  • Alumni Profile: Joseph Parker

    As another summer season winds down, we prepare to say goodbye to over 300 summer staff. Some will be back next summer; some will eventually become full-time staff; and some we will never see again. But one thing always remains the same: God is working in the lives of our staff. Few staff finish their […]

    0 comment September 1, 2008

  • Alumni Profile: Ken and Melba Poure

    Spend one day on the grounds, and it’s no secret that what makes Hume Lake Christian Camps different from so many other places is its staff. Since 1946, a long line of faces and names have given their time and hands to further God’s ministry at Hume Lake. While every name and face are important, […]

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  • The Hume Family: Coming Home

    There are two things that will never change at Hume Lake Christian Camps. The first is our dedication to presenting the Gospel message. The second is our amazing staff. The faces may change—and often do. But the heart of our staff never will. Year after year, I see a staff completely dedicated to sharing the […]

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