• Ellie and her sister Carmel at the pool during evacuation.

    The Eyes of a Child

    My family was going on vacation. The fire had already started a couple weeks before. It was caused by a lightning strike about 5 miles from Hume. We knew there was a chance of evacuation while we were on our trip so my mom and dad put our files and pictures on the dining room […]

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  • Things that Really Matter

    I can’t stop thinking about refiner’s fire, how it burns away the things that don’t matter and leaves the eternal, important things behind. Fire Evacuation is a lot like that; it strips us of the material, inconsequential details of life and lets us focus on the things that really matter. In these last few weeks […]

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    Take Me Back

    My name is Rich Baker, I have worked and lived at Hume lake for the last 13 years. Like most of my friends I was evacuated from my home early last week and it was a strange feeling not being able to get back to the place you love and live. I was so fortunate […]

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    Doubt, Trust and Ice Cream

    From Jen Manlief Associate Director of the Joshua Wilderness Institute Alright, as promised: thoughts. Driving in yesterday, I realized that I truly do identify a bit with “Doubting Thomas”. That guy gets a bad rap. As I looked into the canyon and saw a landscape that I’d only ever seen in the forboding parts of […]

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    Hume International Goes to South Africa

    Hume Lake has always held a special place in my heart. As a junior higher I can vividly remember coming back to California for the summer from Quito, Ecuador where my parents were missionaries. I had the privilege of being one of those kids that got to call Hume home for the summer as my […]

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  • Snack Shop Milk Shake Staff

    Behind the Scenes: The Hume Milkshake

    By Jocey Pearsey, Development Assistant The “Wow” Factor The seasons are changing, and you may soon start thinking about apple cider, pumpkin pie, and warm fires as the holidays approach, but here at Hume Lake, we can’t stop thinking about milkshakes! The Hume milkshake has been a long-time treat for our guests, and this past […]

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    Bring Your Own Cardboard

    Campers arriving at Hume for the first week of winter camp carry construction supplies for building their sled for the now infamous, Boxsled Blitz—an event that pits teams against each other as they race down the tube-run in custom crafted cardboard sleds. Even though there hasn’t been any precipitation recently (which generally results in no […]

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    Ten Mile Freeze

    Ten Mile Creek continues to flow beneath a thick, contorted covering of ice. Typically, by this time in January Hume Lake has a healthy layer of snow covering the ground. This year however, there have only been two small storms, the evidence of which has since melted away. What’s left though is a fun view […]

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    Best of Both Worlds

    A family enjoys a round of disc golf during New Years Family Camp. Since playing disc-golf in the snow is exceedingly difficult, it’s usually not an activity that’s offered during New Year’s Family Camp. But this year, the lack of precipitation, freezing nights, and pleasant days have allowed us to offer families the best of […]

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  • IMG_2595


    Campers from the Victory Outreach winter camp enjoy the newly rebuilt ice rink on the first night of their stay at Hume Lake Christian Camps. While Hume provides plenty of fun and games for campers enjoyment, our mission is to clearly present the Gospel each evening in chapel with the hope that the Holy Spirit […]

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